Digital Twins and Medicine 4.0: from in silico simulations to patient specific solutions

Our Founder and CTO Prof. Marco Evangelos Biancolini recently held a lecture on ‘Digital Twins & Medicine 4.0’ as a guest of the seminar ‘Polymeric heart valve replacements’ organized by the University of Sydney, Australia. Biancolini, Associate Professor of Machine … Read More

Development of a Three-Dimensional Statistical Shape Model of the Human Mandible

3D patient-specific computer models are a powerful tool for surgical planning, but generating them is time-consuming and expensive. Statistical shape models (SSMs) can provide a solution, as they can capture anatomical variations and represent different shapes in a parameterized manner. … Read More

New papers published in Futurities

We are pleased to announce that two articles describing studies where RBF Morph was involved have been published by Futurities: Optimizing the shape of the M10 engineโ€™s injector head methane circuit using RBF mesh morphing and Preliminary thermo-mechanical design, simulation … Read More