We are thrilled to bring to your attention another outstanding thesis leveraging the power of our RBF Morph software. On December 5, 2023.Gianluca Magrì successfully defended his thesis titled “Aerodynamic Optimization of an Aircraft Using Parametric CAD and Mesh Morphing” at the University of Padova, Italy,

This remarkable work showcases the seamless collaboration between RBF Morph and the University of Padova, focusing on optimizing the aerodynamics of a parametric CAD model of an aircraft. By integrating parametric models with Ansys Fluent and the RBF Morph fluid tool through Python codes, Gianluca has demonstrated an efficient and effective workflow to accelerate the optimization process.

We are proud to support and highlight innovative research that pushes the boundaries of aerodynamic optimization. Congratulations to Gianluca Magrì and all those involved in this successful collaboration!

You can read the presentation and the full thesis here.