Our RBF Technology

The aim of the RBF Morph technology is to perform fast mesh morphing using a mesh-independent approach based on state-of-the-art RBF (Radial Basis Functions) techniques.

The use of such Technology allows the CFD user to perform shape modifications compatible with the mesh topology, directly in the solving stage, by just adding one single command line in the input file.

The most important specifications are:

  • mesh-independent solution
  • parallel morphing of the grid
  • large size models (many millions of cells) must be morphed in a reasonably short time
  • management of every kind of mesh element type (tetrahedral, hexahedral, polyhedral, prismatic, hexcore, non-conformal interfaces, etc.)
  • support of the CAD re-design of the morphed surfaces

The final goal is to perform parametric studies of component shapes and positions typical of the fluid-dynamic design, like:

  • design developments
  • multi-configuration studies
  • sensitivity studies
  • Design of Experiment (DOE)
  • optimization



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