Consulting Services

ConsultingServicesEnjoying the synergy of knowledge andย  experience coming equally from both the industrial and scientific sector the RBF Morph team is able to conceive and design high-efficiency simulation procedures based on mesh morphing and adapt them in accordance to customersโ€™ product development processes to release reliable and consistent solutions.

We believe that our knowledge is our greatest asset and that passion and enthusiasm are our driving force. By combining commitment and experience, we are used to treating our users as if they are not just our clients but partners to grow with instead.

The RBF Morph team supports the use of its products while also providing custom releases and additional plug-ins tailored to client requirements for even unique applications.

Our professional services include:

  • Deployment, integration and code maintenance for RBF Morph tools.
  • Off-site user technical support via email, telephone and Skype.
  • On-site technical support for any given period of time design and the set-up of packages and procedure customized for accuracy and time.
  • systematic development of models consistent with the requested degree of precision connections to detailed down-stream applications (linked to the corporate know-how or to consolidated verification/documented procedures
  • dedicated meta-modelling
  • morphing-based-CAE applications that are complementary to those being developed

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