Scientific Papers

Preliminary design of the cold mass supports for the EU DEMO feeders

  • Fusion Engineering and Design Volume 188, March 2023, 113418 – DOI:

An RBF Meshless Approach to Evaluate Strain Due to Large Displacements in Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

  • Published on Micromachines 2022, 13(8), 1163, 2022

A novel formulation for the study of the ascending aortic fluid dynamics with in vivo data

  • Published on the Medical Engineering & Physics Volume 91, May 2021

High fidelity fluid-structure interaction by radial basis functions mesh adaption of moving walls: a workflow applied to an aortic valve

  • Published on Journal of Computational Science Volume 51, April 2021

Combining Analytical Models and Mesh Morphing Based Optimization Techniques for the Design of Flying Multihulls Appendages

  • Published on Journal of Sailing Technology 2021, volume 6, issue 1, pp. 151 – 172

Crack propagation analysis of ITER Vacuum Vessel port stub with Radial Basis Functions mesh morphing

  • Published on the Fusion Engineering and Design, Volume 157, August 2020

Flexible Engineering Toward Green Aircraft: CAE Tools for Sustainable Mobility

  • Published with the title “Lecture Notes in Applied Mechanics”, Volume 7 Springer, 2020

Ottimizzazione fluido-struttura di velivoli industriali: il caso del P180 Avanti EVO

  • Published on November 2018 Issue of the Italian Magazine “A&C Analisi e Calcolo”.

Fast high fidelity CFD/CSM fluid structure interaction using RBF mesh morphing and modal superposition method

  • Published on the the Emerald Insight in Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, vol. 91 no. 6

Virtual human bone modelling by interactive sculpting, mesh morphing and force-feedback

  • Published on November 2018 Vol. 12, Issue 4, of the International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) 

Fortissimo launches service to broker HPC resources

  • Published on December 2016 Issue of  “Scientific Computing World”