Scientific Papers

A Parametric 3D Model of Human Airways for Particle Drug Delivery and Deposition

Preliminary design of the cold mass supports for the EU DEMO feeders

An RBF Meshless Approach to Evaluate Strain Due to Large Displacements in Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

  • Published on Micromachines 2022, 13(8), 1163, 2022

A novel formulation for the study of the ascending aortic fluid dynamics with in vivo data

  • Published on the Medical Engineering & Physics Volume 91, May 2021

High fidelity fluid-structure interaction by radial basis functions mesh adaption of moving walls: a workflow applied to an aortic valve

  • Published on Journal of Computational Science Volume 51, April 2021

Combining Analytical Models and Mesh Morphing Based Optimization Techniques for the Design of Flying Multihulls Appendages

  • Published on Journal of Sailing Technology 2021, volume 6, issue 1, pp. 151 – 172

Crack propagation analysis of ITER Vacuum Vessel port stub with Radial Basis Functions mesh morphing

  • Published on the Fusion Engineering and Design, Volume 157, August 2020

Flexible Engineering Toward Green Aircraft: CAE Tools for Sustainable Mobility

  • Published with the title “Lecture Notes in Applied Mechanics”, Volume 7 Springer, 2020

Ottimizzazione fluido-struttura di velivoli industriali: il caso del P180 Avanti EVO

  • Published on November 2018 Issue of the Italian Magazine “A&C Analisi e Calcolo”.

Fast high fidelity CFD/CSM fluid structure interaction using RBF mesh morphing and modal superposition method

  • Published on the the Emerald Insight in Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, vol. 91 no. 6

Virtual human bone modelling by interactive sculpting, mesh morphing and force-feedback

  • Published on November 2018 Vol. 12, Issue 4, of the International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) 

Fortissimo launches service to broker HPC resources

  • Published on December 2016 Issue of  “Scientific Computing World”