RBF Morph Structures

RBF Morph Structures is an ACT extension of RBF Morph which allows for shape optimization studies entirely within ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Workbench by morphing an existing mesh.

Optimise structures by morphing existing trusted meshes

An  ACT Extension powered by the RBF Morph’s high-performance numerical engine with full support of ANSYS Mechanical.

This new add-on has been developed through the ACT customization platform of ANSYS. Since it is fully embedded in ANSYS Workbench, it allows  you to drive optimizations using the same Workbench parameters and scoping tools that you daily tweak in your ANSYS FEA analysis tool.

Main features of the ACT Extension are:

  • fully embedded in ANSYS Mechanical GUI, same “look” & “feel” and interaction logic
  • fast RBF library with CUDA and OpenMP parallel acceleration
  • hierarchical set-up to guarantee the maximum flexibility
  • parameters can be added as usual, checking, with a “P” the desired field
  • optimal geometry can be transferred back to CAD
  • plenty of basic shape modifications (translation, rotation, scaling, surface offset, curve offset, surface target, curve target)
  • complex shape modifications can be created using hierarchical approach to create non linear chains of multiple modifications
  • optimisation can be driven by standard software tools, including DesignXplorer and OptiSLang
  • Automatic shape sculpting driven by FEA solution results (Biological Growth Method)

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