Presentation given at Esteco UM20 are now available to download

At Esteco UM20 our CTO Marco E. Biancolini  showed how advanced mesh morphing allows creating a set of shape variations which intensities can be combined to get the resulting performance together with its derivatives, thanks to the adjoint sensitivity. The computational … Read More

Learn how RBF Morph and Ansys makes easy and flexible the study of curved PCB

Over the last decade, electronic products have become increasingly complex and dense as they support more functions into dramatically reduced footprints. The need for flexible circuits has grown exponentially, since they are often the preferred solution to achieve package weight-reduction, … Read More

Morphing onto the “as built” shapes helps quality control and makes your design more robust

CAD and CAE model update on manufactured shapes is a key process in the industry 4.0, where design, manufacturing and maintenance are integrated elements. Digital Twin models, together with Reverse Engineering techniques, allow tracking components performances during production and verifying … Read More