Over the last decade, electronic products have become increasingly complex and dense as they support more functions into dramatically reduced footprints. The need for flexible circuits has grown exponentially, since they are often the preferred solution to achieve package weight-reduction, compared to rigid planar boards.

Flexible Circuit Boards are distinctly patterned circuitry and component arrangement highlighted by malleable base material. They enable the circuitry to be designed to fit the electronic device or product as opposed tobuilding the device to conform the circuit board.

They are found just about everywhere to connect displays in your laptops and mobile devices. Engineers are often provided with a flat board design and asked to simulate its performance under bent conditions.

Today Ansys and RBF Morph makes easy and flexible the study of curved PCB.

Using RBF Morph it’s possible to morph a flat manufactured PCB  into the complex 3d shaped configuration with bending and twisting of the PCB and its traces.

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