Dive into the world of aerodynamics with Lorenzo D’Anastasio’s groundbreaking thesis: “Optimization of the Aerodynamics of a Rear Camera through CFD Analysis and Mesh Morphing.”

Lorenzo’s work delves deep into Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, utilizing multiple solvers to dissect the intricacies of aerodynamics. Starting with a simplified car model (ASMO), he delves into optimization techniques before transitioning to a real industrial case study: the aerodynamic study and optimization of a rear camera.

But that’s not all! Lorenzo’s thesis isn’t just about crunching numbers. He also tackles significant geometric manipulations, seamlessly connecting the roof with the AeroSUV model to enhance overall aerodynamic efficiency.

Join us in celebrating Lorenzo’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of aerodynamic engineering!

You can read the presentation and the full thesis here.