We are very proud to announce the publication of our colleague Leonardo Geronzi’s doctoral thesis, “Towards Digital Twin Technologies for Ascending Aortic Aneurysm Growth Prediction and Real-Time Diagnosis.”

In this groundbreaking work, Leonardo has pioneered the development of foundational technologies and methodologies to create a Digital Twin of the aorta afflicted by aneurysm. His primary objective was to redefine the assessment of aneurysm growth risks by leveraging high-fidelity biomechanical models, enabling real-time diagnosis and prediction.

Unlike conventional measures such as maximum diameter, his predictive models incorporate shape-based risk assessments and identify critical local and global features influencing aneurysm progression. By harnessing advanced computational techniques, his high-fidelity model accurately replicates aortic kinematics, providing unprecedented insights into the dynamics of aneurysm growth.

Moreover, Leonardo’s real-time surrogate model, utilizing model order reduction techniques, aims to instantaneously forecast hemodynamic factors crucial for patient care. This innovative framework lays the groundwork for future Digital Twin technologies, poised to revolutionize the treatment of ascending aortic aneurysms.

Congratulations to Leonardo Geronzi for his dedication and contributions to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge research and technology!

You can read the presentation and the full thesis here.