A study about the application of RBF Morph for the shape optimization of the inlet diffusor having title “Optimizing the EGR for Even Cooling and Structural Stability” has been published on the Engineering.com.

The optimizations were made possible by the engineers ability to link the simulations to the CAD models and the design of experiments (DOE) through ANSYS Workbench.

The DOE algorithm dictated the changes to the nodal placements within the mesh. The latter was then morphed using RBFMorph. Workbench would then re-run the CFD and FEA simulations automatically until the DOE algorithm was completed.

“We could have used the internal morph mesher within ANSYS Fluent,” explained Mandloi Padmesh Mandloi, manager, support and services at ANSYS, Inc. “However, the EGR problem needed a more powerful tool. As such, the third party tool RBFMorph was chosen as it is optimized for this procedure.”

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