As partner of the RBF4AERO Consortium, the RBF Morph team participated in 2016 ECCOMAS (European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Science and Engineering) Congress in Crete 5 to 10 June 2016.

Three works presented on optimization strategies and procedures of RBF4AERO technology benchmark: adjoint-morphing coupling, fluid structure interaction, based optimization evolutionary algorithm and the strategies adopted to implement the entire platform.

Combining an rbf-based morpher with continuous adjoint for low-speed aeronautical optimization applications.
Authors: Evangelos Papoutsis-Kiachagias, Matej Andrejasic, Stefano Porziani, Corrado Groth, David Erzen, Marco Evangelos Biancolini, Emiliano Costa, Kyriakos Giannakoglou

A mesh morphing based FSI method used in aeronautical optimization applications.
Authors: Matej Andrejašič, David Eržen, Emiliano Costa, Stefano Porziani, Marco Evangelos Biancolini, Corrado Groth

Evolutionary aerodynamic shape optimization through the RBF4AERO platform.
Authors: Dimitrios Kapsoulis,Varvara Asouti, Kyriakos Giannakoglou,Stefano Porziani, Emiliano Costa, Corrado Groth, Ubaldo Cella, Marco Evangelos Biancolini

The papers can be download in the Presentations and Proceedings.