patnerTECHALLIANCERBF Morph will be at the TechNet Alliance Fall Meeting 2016 to be held on 14 and 15 October in Salsomaggiore Terme – Parma (Italy). During the meeting a study entitled “Shape optimisation of 3d printed high performances automotive parts” will be presented by Prof. Marco Evangelos Biancolini.
This work was carried out in cooperation with HSL Italia and Lamborghini that are partners in the experiment “Cloud-based modelling for the 3-D printing of complex shapes” of the Fortissimo project.

The main purpose is to show clearly the advantage coming from the synergy between advanced manufacturing (3D printing) and advanced design (surface sculpting based on advanced mesh morphing).

Using RBF Morph technology to perform mesh morphing ,and Fluent to manage the CFD simulation, the twelve runners of the Lamborghini Aventador engine are reshaped. A relevant gaining in the engine charge efficiency is predicted. The new shape is complex to manufacture with standard process and so it has been 3d printed.

meshansys_v5_mod1_piu_icem_assemblate   6-runners-vista-fronte_preview