We’re thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming virtual event, Ansys Simulation World, taking place from May 14-16, 2024. In today’s dynamic landscape, access to cutting-edge solutions is crucial, and Ansys Technologies stands at the forefront, empowering innovation like never before. At RBF Morph, we’re proud to offer two groundbreaking products within the Ansys portfolio: Ansys RBF Morph Structures and Ansys RBF Morph Fluids. These solutions represent state-of-the-art technology in advanced mesh morphing, revolutionizing the way engineering challenges are approached.

Across diverse industries, Ansys users are harnessing simulation to achieve extraordinary feats, from revolutionizing mobility to advancing medical treatments. The possibilities are truly limitless, and Ansys Simulation World 2024 celebrates these groundbreaking achievements while inspiring future innovation.

One of the highlights of the event will be the presentation by our founder, Marco Evangelos Biancolini. His session, titled “Enabling Medical Digital Twin through Advanced Mesh Morphing and High-Fidelity Patient-Specific Simulation,” promises to be enlightening. Marco will delve into the integration of in-silico approaches into daily clinical practice, particularly focusing on the development of Medical Digital Twins (MDTs) and their potential impact on healthcare. He will discuss the innovative strategies employed, including extensive upfront High-Performance Computing (HPC) simulations, data compression techniques, and real-time interaction capabilities. He’ll also showcase real-world applications of advanced mesh morphing, such as the DiTAiD project, which facilitates personalized treatment decisions for patients with airway conditions, and the Copernicus project, aimed at optimizing surgical procedures for infants.

We invite you to join us at Ansys Simulation World 2024 as we explore the forefront of engineering simulation and inspire the next wave of innovation. Together, let’s unlock the potential of simulation-driven design and make breakthrough ideas a reality.