We will proudly participate as a Sponsor in the 38th International CAE Conference. The event will be divided into two separate and complementary initiatives:

  • 16-17 November will be dedicated to software technology producers, each of whom will have a channel in which to host their own symposium and to present particularly significant experiences or case studies online;
  • 18 November will be held, by invitation only, in the prestigious Palazzo Labia in Venice, home of RAI Veneto, and will feature discussions by leading representatives of industry and academia to share visions and strategies for successful digital transition.

Our symposium entitled RBF Metamorphosis: a new way to optimize digital twins and multi-physics simulation intends to continue and further advance the dialog between researchers, software developers, and industrial users.

We are in the middle of a digital revolution. Virtual prototyping through high fidelity CAE is standard. Design exploration allows to scan multiple configurations to achieve quickly an optimal design. Thanks to the wide adoption of additive manufacturing today more efficient parts can be designed through freeform shape optimization. We are now moving fast into the digital twin domain and here CAE is essential. The accurate and versatile shape control granted by RBF Morph technology is emerging as a key enabler for shape parameterization and reduced order models creation, the numerical engine of the digital twin.

CAE tools are well established and trusted, the metamorphosis is in the way we are adopting them in order to leverage new technologies: advanced multi-physics, shape optimization, twinning of a design workflow or, with the same tools, of pediatric surgery.

The speeches arranged within this symposium touch different industrial and research sectors, highlighting how, the above approaches can be accomplished.

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