The presentations given by Prof. M.E Biancolini at the ANSYS Innovation User Conference 2018 that was held in Coventry on 2nd & 3rd May 2018 can be download in the Presentations and Proceedings 2018.

 Fast FSI in the Fluent Solver using RBF Morph Modal Superposition Method

Structural modes embedding is a key enabler to tackle advanced FSI applications. The advanced mesh morphing Add On for Fluent RBF Morph offers this functionality out of the box. Time histories can be applied exciting structural modes to quickly build Reduced Order Models; the elastic FSI model with modes embedded can be used in steady and transient analyses. Fluent becomes a monolithic and robust FSI solver capable to scale on HPC up to billions elements sized models with a minimum overhead vs. a rigid analysis and keeping an excellent quality of the mesh. The benefits of the technology are demonstrated showcasing three challenging industrial applications in motorsport, energy and aeronautical fields.

Automatic shape optimisation using the Biological Growth Method (BGM) with RBF Morph ACT Extension and ANSYS Mechanical

In this presentation the new BGM implementation is explored. The automatic, parameter-less, shape optimisation approach mimics what the nature does for tree trunks an bone. The material is added or removed from the surface on the basis of local stress or strain. The concept is demonstrated with simple examples (a cantilever beam and a circular hole in a plate) and then with industrial relevant cases (a turbine blade and a connecting rod).