The Biological Growth Method (BGM) is an efficient optimization approach suitable for the surface stress reduction in a specific mechanical component and allows us to obtain a more homogeneous stress distribution. This method mimics the way in which biological structures, such as tree trunks, bones and horns, evolve during their growth.

The effectiveness of the BGM methodology, coupled with mesh morphing technique based on Radial Basis Functions (RBF), is presented in our article Ottimizzazione di un componente motociclistico attraverso il biological Growth method published on the Italian journal “Analisi e Calcolo” n°100,September 2020.

An aftermarket front wheel support for Ducati PanigaleV4motorbike was analyzed with the proposed methodology, in order to perform additional optimization of the component. It is the connection point between front suspension, braking system and front wheel manufactured in EN AW 7075 Aluminum alloy.

Setup involving optimization of both cilindricaland planar faces gave the best results, providing a 20.8% reduction of maximum equivalent stress.

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