CAD model update on as-built geometries with morphing technique: ITER winding pack

Abstract: CAD and CAE model update on manufactured shapes is a key process in the industry 4.0, where design, manufacturing and maintenance are integrated elements. Digital Twin models, together with Reverse Engineering (RE) techniques, allow tracking components performances during production and verifying the compliance with design requirements during the component lifetime. The need to have RE processes with a small impact on the production is driving the development of these models towards numerical techniques with fast computing performances. In this context, morphing techniques, largely deployed in the field of CAE models update, represent a valuable alternative to conventional RE techniques, because of their reduced computational time and capability to preserve the initial topology of the model. In the work presented in this paper, Radial Basis Function morphing technique has been used for the update of ITER Winding Pack CAD model on scan data acquired from the manufactured component.

Our paper is available on IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineeringdoi:10.1088/1757-899X/1038/1/01208