We are so proud to announce that Marco E. Biancolini, owner of RBF Morph, has published a book titled “Fast Radial Basis Functions for Engineering Applications”. It is presents the first “How To” guide to the use of radial basis functions (RBF). It provides a clear vision of their potential, an overview of ready-for-use computational tools and precise guidelines to implement new engineering applications of RBF.

The book is divided in two main sections. The first covers the foundations of RBF, the tools available for their quick implementation and guidelines for facing new challenges; the second part is a collection of practical RBF applications in engineering, covering several topics, including response surface interpolation in n-dimensional spaces, mapping of magnetic loads, mapping of pressure loads, up-scaling of flow fields, stress/strain analysis by experimental displacement fields, implicit surfaces, mesh to cad deformation, mesh morphing for crack propagation in 3D, ice and snow accretion using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data, shape optimization for external aerodynamics, and use of adjoint data for surface sculpting. For each application, the complete path is clearly and consistently exposed using the systematic approach defined in the first section.

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