RINA  on behalf of RBF Morph, InSilicoTrials Technologies, BioCardioLab at Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio and CINECA, is delighted to represent the Copernicus project in the EuroHPC Summit Week 2022 held in Paris.

Copernicus, whose extended title is “Cloud-Based HPC Platform to support Systemic-Pulmonary Shunting Procedures”, aims to set up an affordable decision support web application, whose workflow is shown in the figure below, that allows surgeons approaching the Modified Blalock Taussig Shunt (mBTS) medical intervention at best.

Exploring the shunt variation in terms of shape and dimensions, it becomes feasible to better balance the systemic and pulmonary circulation while maintaining the thrombotic risk low.

From the numerical point of view, this result is gained by making the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of the patient parametric through radial basis functions (RBF) mesh morphing, and generating a large design of experiments (DoE) study whose results are processed to create the reduced-order model (ROM). Such a model can be fast evaluated by surgeons to identify the best configuration of the shunt to avoid unwanted behaviour of the fluid in the medical district analysed.

In the “SME Best practices and lessons learned” session a round table is scheduled and it will be the occasion to share the current and past experiences on HPC / Cloud-based projects.

 For more information about Copernicus project reach us with a message.