An interesting paper titledย Combining Analytical Models and Mesh Morphing Based Optimization Techniques for the Design of Flying Multihulls Appendages has been published on Journal of Sailing Technology volume 6, issue 1, February 2021.

This paper presents a numerical optimization procedure suitable for foiling multihulls. As a proof of concept, it reports, as an application, the foils design of an A-Class catamaran. The key point of the method is the combination of opportunely developed analytical models of the hull forces with high fidelity multiphase analyses in both upwind and downwind sailing conditions. The analytical formulations were tuned against a database of multiphase analyses of a reference demihull at several attitudes and displacements.

An aspect that significantly contributes to both efficiency and robustness of the method is the approach adopted to the geometric parametrization of the foils which was implemented by a mesh morphing technique based on Radial Basis Functions.

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