Ansys Simulation World 2021 is designed to inspire and educate executives, engineers, R&D and manufacturing professionals about the transformative powers of engineering simulation.

This free-of-charge virtual conference will give you insights into the future of simulation with Ansys products, services, and solutions. It will give you useful information and will support you to develop the skills to conceive, deploy and use simulation-driven applications and infrastructures.

RBF Morph is team up with University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and Dallara Automobili to deliver a presentations at Ansys Simulation World 2021.

In the first presentation titled Integrating RBF Morph and LS-DYNA into Ansys Workbench and Mechanical for car bonnet crash optimisation University of Rome “Tor Vergata” will describe a new approach based on LSDYNA, Ansys Mechanical and RBF Morph.

The LS-DYNA explicit solver, one of the most used in the automotive world, can be combined with RBF Morph for the purpose of test different bonnet shapes in simulations like crash tests giving the ability to reuse the FEA model of an existing car that can be adapted on the style of the new product and then modified to match the crash requirements.


University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, in joint cooperation with Dallara Automobili, in the second presentation Fast and cost efficient CFD optimization by means of adjoint and RBF mesh morphing: a perspective from Dallara will show how the synergic use of advanced mesh morphing and adjoint allows to create a new optimization paradigm, in which the engineer can inspect – also at a post processing stage – the influence of any given shape parameter in real time. To demonstrate this approach Dallara is exploring the method on its Formula 3 car using Ansys Fluent for CFD and adjoint and its advanced mesh morphing module, RBF Morph, for the definition and control of shape parameters.


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