• Welcome to the World of Fast Morphing!

  • Design Methods

    Sailing faster and faster powered by mesh morphing.

  • HSL

    Flow sculpted surfaces for reduced pressure drop. The right choice for engine runners and air distribution systems.

  • Piaggio Aerospace

    Reduced engine noise, improved aero efficiency and fuel economy for greener aircrafts.

  • Pipistrel

    Increased gliding span thanks to efficient wings.

  • Dallara

    Performance matters! High fidelity FSI simulations makes motorsport aero development more and more accurate.

RBF Morph is the meeting point between state-of-the-art scientific research and top-level industrial needs.


RBF Morph is an ingenious morphing tool that allows engineers to mold the geometry like clay to very high precision.
Professional Motorsport Magazine Professional Motorsport Magazine Issue April-June 2012.
State of the art morphing technology available with seamless integration to the ANSYS FLUENT community.
Shane Moeykens Strategic Partnerships Manager ANSYS Inc.
RBF Morph's cutting edge tools allow time and computational resource saving in CFD research, Aero/Structures and much more. We've used it to optimise engineering design while using less resources than before.
Willem Toet Motorsport, F1 and Aerodynamics Specialist

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