RBF Morph will have a speech at Advanced Aero Concepts, Design and Operations Applied Aerodynamics Conference 2014 that will be take place as from 22nd to 24th of July at the University of Bristol (UK), Faculty of Engineering.

This biennial conference is organized by the Royal Aeronautical Society with the aim to present and discuss the aspects of advanced aero concepts, design and operations, covering both research and application, with particular emphasis for cost effective and environmentally sustainable technologies and solutions.

On Thursday 24th, RBF Morph team will be presenting “An Efficient Approach to Simulating Ice Accretion on 2D and 3D Airfoil”.

In this session, how mesh morphing can be effectively used as a tool for updating CFD models of wings accounting for the presence of complex shapes originated during ice accretion will be shown.

We really hope to meet you in Bristol!