RBF Morph will participate to 4th Aircraft Structural Design Conference taking place at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland between 7th and 9th October 2014.

This conference will address the challenges facing the designers of the next generation aircraft, and papers will cover current research focused on the design and manufacture of future civil and military air-vehicle structures, both manned and uninhabited.

RBF Morph will present a work titled: “Store Separation: Theoretical Investigation of Wing Aeroelastic Response” dealing with a novel approach to the study of Store Separation, based on the use of the FSI module of RBF Morph.

Such a module was used to perform two different FSI analyses: an aeroelastic steady analysis to determine the condition of elastic equilibrium of the wing in the presence of the store and, starting from this, an unsteady analysis to get the transient aeroelastic response of the wing due to the release of the underwing body.

We guess this work opens interesting scenarios for future applications in the field of FSI problems both military and civilian.

Hope to see you in Belfast!