RBF2CAD project

The mesh-morphing technology that is used in computer-aided design (for changing the shape of a meshed surface while preserving the topology) is advancing. It is used today in many applications, from special effects on film sets to scientific visualisations. Technical designers working with computer-aided design today need optimisation for each one of their models with computer-aided engineering. But this makes the design process long and costly. Mesh-morphing offers possibilities to approach this problem from different angles. The EU-funded RBF2CAD project aims to create software based on new technologies for computing to offer a high-speed mesh-deformation platform. It will offer accessible mesh-morphing design computing for automotive, aeronautical, healthcare and other industries for the development of more effective, green and safe solutions.

EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020 – SME instrument
Grant agreement: 886408