Meet the team that turns ideas into highly functional products

We are the pioneers in providing reliable and high-performance mesh morphing-based technology for CAE multi-physics modelling and optimization.

The RBF Morph technology, in particular, had its inception when, during an industrial consulting activity, a team of university scientists was required to conceive a novel numerical means capable handle a very challenging application for a Formula 1 top team project. Such a request was motivated by the absence of a tool with the demanded cutting-edge specifications.

Thanks to the stunning results obtained, RBF Morph entered the ANSYS Partnership Program with the aim of promoting the new product.

Nowadays RBF Morph tools are the meeting point between state-of-the-art scientific research and top-level industrial needs.

We specialize in:

Project Strategy

Our technologies grow fast and are driven by our top user needs. We are not offering software, we deliver complete solutions to CAE problems. We commit a relevant part of our resources to research to be ready for your needs of tomorrow.

Linux and Windows Development

We support many CAE workflow ranging from the laptops, going to the workstations up to the HPC centers. Our software are designed to work under Windows and Linux platforms. Our software are designed to work under Windows and Linux operating system in local and remote submission including cloud services. We have a strong expertise in high parallelized and fast algorithms including CUDA GPU exploitation.

User Experience

Usability, robustness and effectiveness of our software are our priority. Our development roadmaps are continuously fed by the feedback of our users. Release by release, product by product we do our best to improve the mesh morphing experience.

Custom CAE workflow design

Our meshless mesh morphing technology is a key enabler for complex multi-physics multi-objective optimization workflow. We support our user in the set-up of advanced solutions with our direct support, thorough the support of our partners and by providing the development of custom components if required.

Meet our team

Prof. Marco E. Biancolini


Dr. Carlo A.Biancolini


Dr. Corrado Groth

Technical Manager

Dr. Marzia Di Battista

Marketing Manager

Dr. Ubaldo Cella

CAE Engineer Senior

Dr. Giorgio Urso

Developer Senior

Dr. Andrea Chiappa

Developer Junior

Dr. Francesco Giorgetti

CAE Engineer Junior

Dr Stefano Porziani

CAE Engineer Senior