It was a great success for our RBF Morph at the last CAE Conference held in November 17-19, 2021 at Vicenza, Italy.

The participants had the chance to interact with our executive, development and service staff to share, discuss and, why not?, figure out new mesh morphing driven solutions for their CAE processes with the vision of future developments toward workflow integration and product optimisation.

We had at our booth a 1:100 scale 3D printed mock up of the DEMO Tokamak reactor, the “fusion pot” that you can see in the right of the picture. It is intended to demonstrate how our advanced mesh morphing technology can act as a game changer: the complex multi-physics study intended for the fatigue life assessment of the superconductor toroidal field coils can be easily parameterised so that a better shape of the component can be selected.


RBF Morph thanks all those who participated and is eager to transform all the joint brainstorming experienced at our booth into new products and new solutions.

Click here to download our presentations or reach us to understand toghether with us how our technology and expertise can help your simulation driven design.