The article Geometric Parameterization Strategies for shape Optimization Using RBF Mesh Morphing presented at 7th Joint Conference of ADM INGEGRAF – AIP PRIMECA – JCM 2016 that was held  at Catania in Italy between 14th and 16th September 2016 can be download in the Presentations and Proceedings.

Mesh morphing is one of the most promising approach for problems in which numerical analyses, based on discretised domains, involve shape parameterization.Some of the benefits associated to its adoption are the reduction of the computational meshing costs and the remeshing noise prevention, guaranteeing at the same time the continuum shape parameterization and consistency of mesh topology. One of the best mathematical tool to drive the mesh morphing (smoothing)task is recognized to be Radial Basis Functions.This paper introduce the RBF Morph tool and lists a set of applications in which the RBF shape parameterization is used to face problems ranging from aerodynamic optimization to Fluid Structure Interaction analyses.