(Image: Baden-Baden Kur & Tourismus GmbH)

RBF Morph is delighted to announce our active participation in the upcoming 14th European LS-DYNA Conference, scheduled for October 18 and 19 in the beautiful city of Baden-Baden, Germany.

This event is a true highlight for us and for LS-DYNA enthusiasts across Europe and beyond. With more than 200 technical presentations, world-class keynotes, an impressive exhibition, and a diverse audience representing both industry and academia from all corners of the globe, this conference stands as a central hub for all things LS-DYNA.

The 14th European LS-DYNA Conference is poised to be nothing short of extraordinary. It boasts a lineup of over 180 talks, top-notch keynote presentations, and seven informative workshops, making it an unparalleled opportunity to witness the cutting-edge simulation technologies and innovations that are shaping our industry.

At RBF Morph, we’re excited to be part of this grand event, where simulation experts from around the world will converge to explore and discuss the latest advancements. As participants in the exhibition, we eagerly anticipate the chance to showcase our mesh morphing products to this international audience of simulation experts.

We look forward to sharing our insights, connecting with fellow enthusiasts, and contributing to the vibrant exchange of ideas that this event promises to deliver. See you in Baden-Baden!