engineeringplaygroundlogoThe RBF Morph Team with Pipistrel will participate from March 21th to April 25th at Spazio Eventi Tirso in Rome “Engineering Playground” hosted by the exhibition of LEGO® sculptures. “The Art of the Brick”.

For the Engineering Playground RBF Team with Pipistrel  have prepared 3D printed models of aircrafts that allow to clearly understand how we are using this concept within Aeronautical optimization studies conducted in the framework of the EU ProjectRBF4AERO address both the aircraft and both the engine.

The aerodynamic improvements achievable with small reshaping of surfaces are demonstrated showing how an improved design of the junction between the fuselage and the wing of the glider Taurus can improve the efficiency in a specific (and critical) flight condition.


Shape optimization can make an important difference on the performance of the engine. In the example shown at Engineering Playground the optimized shape of the blade of the propeller of the Alpha Electro is compared with the original one. The high efficiency guarantees an hour of flight using power coming from the battery pack.


New pieces are going to be added to the exhibition Engineering Playground.

We look forward to see you in Rome, we will be there up to 25 April!