engineeringplaygroundlogoThe RBF Morph Team with HSL Italia will participate from March 21th to April 25th at Spazio Eventi Tirso in Rome “Engineering Playground”  hosted by the exhibition of LEGO® sculptures. “The Art of the Brick”.

“Engineering Playground”,  aims to tell a new and visionary approach toward engineering. It is addressed to young and less young people that dreams about how to become an engineer. Because the modern tools of Industry 4.0, as virtual prototyping and 3D printing, are now so close to build parts with LEGO® bricks in order to make Engineering an exciting and challenging game.

In the researches of the Fortissimo experiment “Cloud-based modelling for the 3D printing of complex shapes” the advantage coming from the synergy between advanced manufacturing (3D printing) and advanced design (surface sculpting based on mesh morphing and adjoint CFD sensitivities) is demonstrated.

For the Engineering playground RBF Morph team with HSL Italia have set two installations to show how this concept can be a driver for the improvement of automotive components: the piece 3D printed is made of transparent material with streamlines representing the flow structure printed inside. The substantial pressure reduction gained (33%) allows to clearly understand the great potential of this approach.


Further study about this concept can be acquired to look at the wind tunnel model of a front-end of Formula 1. Its mathematical model is used to build the virtual model for CFD that allows to predict drag and down-force. It’s worth to notice how two different kind of simulations, the WT testing in one hand and the numerical modelling in the other can be combined to define components able to deliver the top performances required by the competitions.


We look forward to see you in Rome, we will be there up to 25 April!