caeconference2016RBF Morph will join the 32st International CAE Conference that will be taking place in October on 17th and 18th in Parma, Pagani Congressi (Italy).

Three applications of RBF Morph technology will be presented.

Two studies will be presented by Sacmi Imola while the third was carried out in collaboration with D’Appolonia SpA.

The first one is titled “A CAD-MESH mixed approach to enhance shape optimization capabilities” and will be presented  by SACMI Imola in the INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY and COMPONENTS session.

The second study entitled “Structural optimization of heavy section ductile iron components. How the integration and optimization of casting process can improve their design” will be given in the FOUNDRY INDUSTRY.

Finally the paper titled “Reshaping the future of aircraft design” will be given in the PLENARY Session by D’Appolonia SpA.

This work is was carried out in cooperation with the University of Rome Tor Vergata that belongs to the consortium of the FP7 EU project RBF4AERO.

We will also present at the Agora Research to highlight research results obtained within project RBF4AERO.

For more information about these interventions you consult the Agenda.

We look forward to see you in Parma!