The presentation titled How RBF mesh morphing can boost multi-physics simulation of vehicle 4.0 by Prof. M.E Biancolini at the SAE International Workshop that was held in University of Roma 3 on 3 October can be download in the Presentations and Proceedings 2018.

The aim of this Workshop is to update the participants on the latest news at SAE, such as “autonomous vehicles” where SAE has become reference point for engines and electronics components on vehicles and for and industry 4.0 connected to any vehicle that moves on land, sky and sea.

The interventions focused on the importance of SAE’s contribute for research, because SAE’s Standards and Technical Papers are considered fundamental for their role in helping companies, government agencies, research institutions and are consulted to devise technical standards and recommended practices for the design, construction, and characteristics of motor vehicle components

Lastly the new SAE Mobilus platform was presented. It’s designed for mobility engineers and academics worldwide and includes more than 200,000 technical papers, standards, books, magazines and more SAE.