An interesting article titled A natural remedy for hot-spot stresses has been published on EnginSoft Newsletter.

This paper demonstrates how the biological growth method, studied by Mattheck in the 1990s, can be easily implemented for structural shape optimization finite element method (FEM) analyses using advanced radial basis functions (RBF) mesh morphing.

We use the same mechanism observed in tree trunks: hot spots of higher stresses promote material growth as well as reducing the stress itself thanks to the added thickness.

Mesh morphing is a key enabler in adapting the desired shape, calculated over the surface of the finite element analysis (FEA) mesh, to the entire solid domain.

According to the same principle, material can be also removed allowing for lighter structures. We first explain the method by studying a tree trunk and then through a variety of successfully addressed structural optimization challenges.


Original baseline configuration and optimized configuration after 10 iterations: maximum stress level reduced by 20.8%, increasing whole volume by 2.5%


Learn how using advanced mesh morphing to seamlessly perform bio-inspired structural shape optimization.

Enjoy the read!