We are proud to announce the new version 1.3 of RBF Morph, the integrated system for morphing and shape optimization tailored for the CFD solver ANSYS Fluent.

RBF Morph 1.2 has been released in January 2010.Thanks to the feedback of our users and to our continuous effort to make RBF Morph the fastest mesh morphing tool available on the market, we have improved RBF Morph and we have completed the version 1.3 that will be released very soon.

New features:

  • STL target
  • FEM solution target
  • Aeroelastic analysis
  • Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) with modal superposition (steady and transient)

The new features fully exploit the accuracy of our RBF technology.The new STL target feature allows to define in advance the desired new shape directly in the CAD.

The new geometry can be used as the morphing target thanks to our advanced projection algorithm.

FEM deformed shapes and modes can accurately be imposed to the CFD mesh using structural nodes as source points; thanks to the sequential FEM set-up even a very complex shape can be accommodated specifying locally the coupling areas.

And the modal superposition allows to embed the structure elastic behaviour within the Fluent model that becomes flexible, i.e. capable to deform itself on the basis of fluid action both in steady and transient solutions.

Check the Presentations and Proceedings Area and stay tuned with the RBF Morph YouTube channel.

Thanks to the ANSYS Partnership Program RBF Morph is available for FLUENT users as an add-on.

Contacts: info@rbf-morph.com