The University of Rome “Tor Vergata” will guest the workshop titled “Digital Twins For Aerospace“. The event is organized by Marco Evangelos Biancolini and Ubaldo Cella, respectively professor of Machine Design and researcher at the Enterprise Engineering department “Mario Lucertini”.Professors and engineers, active in EU research programs, from academic, industry and research institutions, will provide an overview the state of research on numerical tools and methodologies.
Digital Twins are virtual representations of physical objects used to predict how the final product will operatively perform in its lifecycle. The improvement of such numerical models is, in the aerospace field, decisive to design more and more efficient and greener aircrafts and rockets. The workshop focuses on the state of the art of digital twins to face aerospace design problems but also highlighting how other field of engineering benefits from the availability of methodologies able to efficiently model the physics involved in mechanical systems.
The workshop is addressed to students and engineers who want to be updated on aerospace technologies.

The participation is free.

The agenda and the link to follow the event can be found here.

The event is organized with the collaboration of:

RBF Morph


Design Methods