A study about FSI optimization of industrial airplanes by RBF Morph Stand Alone has been published on the Italian journal “Analisi e Calcolo” n° 89 Nov 2018.

We describe the procedure for the optimization of the fluid-structure interaction (FSI) carried out for the P180 Avanti EVO vehicle, designed and manufactured by Piaggio Aerospace, performed in the framework of the Experiment n.906 of the FORTISSIMO 2 research project.

In particular, the effect of a set of modifications of the winglet shape, that were applied by means of a mesh morphing technique based on the use of radial basis functions, was numerically investigated adopting the mode superposition approach. The CFD analyses were carried out with both commercial (CFD++, ANSYS Fluent) and open-source (SU2) solvers employing the cross-platform FSI solver implemented in the RBF4AERO suite.

The article can be download in the Journal Papers section.