Today the need for developing multi-physics approaches in order to address modern and complex design challenges is rising. A typical multi-physics phenomenon is the interaction between a fluid and a structure, that occurs according to the following options: it can be the working principle of the considered component, it can be due to the lightweight design of the structure or else it can be exploited to finely tune the design. The Fluid Structure Interaction is the interaction of a movable or deformable structure with an internal or a surrounding fluid flow. To tackle those kind of problems efficient numerical approaches are needed, based on the coupling of computational fluid dynamics and computational structural dynamics.

This video demonstrates how an FSI model built by embedding structural modes, computed by Ansys Mechanical FEA code, into the CFD solver Ansys Fluent via RBF Morph software, the resonance frequency of a thermo well excited by vortexes is captured with an excellent matching with respect to an experimental reference case.