An interesting article titled Aero packs in good shape with advanced mesh morphing has been published on EnginSoft Newsletter Year 18 n°2 Summer 2021!

Increasing environmental awareness has led to changes in motorsport regulations that limit the quantity of traditional and computationally intensive optimizations that can be used and encourages the use of numerical methods to improve the vehicles. This article describes a new method of aerodynamic design, the result of a collaboration between Dallara Automobili and RBF Morph, that uses adjoint methods and mesh morphing to create an innovative solution to accelerate the optimization process, reducing both time and costs.

According to the proposed method, the information extracted from adjoint simulations is ingeniously employed to update the  numerical grid using RBF Morph and deliver a new optimization paradigm in which the engineer can inspect – at a post processing stage, too – the influence of any given shape parameter in real
time, without the need for a new CFD simulation.

Learn how the synergy between Adjoint Methods and RBF Morph can efficiently boost Dallara Automobili’s aerodynamic design process.

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