RBF Morph and ANSYS FLUENT Software Combine to Produce a Solution for Shape Modifications Through Mesh Updating


Product developers must quickly perform and test numerous design variations in an environment steeped in complex customer requirements and short development cycles.

Faced with increasing competition, companies have to produce higher performing products and deliver in shorter time frames to remain competitive. The need to innovate has never been greater.

Mesh morphing has emerged as a meaningful technology given its ability to accelerate the Simulation Driven Product Development process.

RBF Morph is a unique morpher that combines the very accurate control of geometric parameters with extremely fast mesh deformation, all fully integrated with the ANSYS FLUENT solving process and ANSYS DesignXplorer in the Workbench environment.

Industrial requirements for a morpher, such as process integration, mesh-independent solution, parallel performance, large model handling, and arbitrary mesh element type support, are fulfilled by RBF Morph.

The goal is use mesh morphing to drive parametric studies of geometric shape and position, sensitivity studies, design developments, DOE (Design Of Experiment) and shape optimization.

In this webinar, RBF Morph will be presented through three industrial applications: shape optimization of an air box; tuning of a motorbike windshield; and shape optimization of a Formula 1 front wing.

Participants will be able to assess the value of mesh morphing and the suitability of RBF Morph for his/her own development activities.

Join us for this free one-hour webinar and see how our users are benefiting from the insight that computer simulation offers.