We are proud to announce the new version 1.2 of RBF Morph, the integrated system for morphing and shape optimization tailored for the CFD solver ANSYS Fluent.

RBF Morph 1.1 has been released in July 2009.

Thanks to the feedback of our users (and potential users met at EASC, at EnginSoft Conference and at RBF Morph Info Day) and to our continuos effort to make RBF Morph the fastest mesh morphing tool available on the market, we have improved RBF Morph and we have completed the version 1.2 that will be released at the beginning of 2010.

The new version will be extended also to the Windows version of Fluent 12 (current 1.1 is available for the Linux versions of Fluent 6 and 12) with plenty of improvements.

Among them:

  • sequential morphing
  • animated preview
  • DOE management
  • post-remesh

The morphing algorithm has been improved for sequential evaluation; the new rbf-smorph command can be used when several configurations have to be explored during a single Fluent run.


The same technology has been implemented  in the new advanced preview module: an arbitrary preview sequence (including single or multiple solutions) can be now be animated within the Fluent 3D viewport or streamed to a sequence of files with a single click.


A special data management allows to perform the full morphing calculation only once; every sequential morphing/preview after the first one will require a negligible calculation time, no matter the mesh size or the RBF solution complexity!


The solution sequence for preview can also be specified using a DOE (Design of Experiment) table.
Moreover a new DOE feature for generating DOE tables within RBF Morph is now available.


The optimisation capabilities already available with RBF Morph 1.1 (fully scriptable with rbf-morph command) can now be accessed with few clicks! The user has only to be concerned with desired shape modifications and their ranges: the DOE runs will be prepared by RBF Morph!


Finally the user can now enable the Fluent remeshing algorithm to improve the mesh quality after morphing and extend the range of usage of RBF Morph.


Check the new download area and stay tuned with the new RBF Morph YouTube channel.


Thanks to the ANSYS Partnership Program RBF Morph is available for FLUENT users as an add-on.

Contacts: info@rbf-morph.com