We are pleased to announce that RBF Morph staff will be present at the PRACE Autumn Schoolon 23-27 September 2013. Don’t miss this excellent chance to improve your knowledge in High Performance Calculation with a specific focus on industrial design!

An overview about mesh morphing and its benefits will be given with a specific focus on Radial Basis Functions (RBF) methods and the industrial tool RBF Morph, currently available as an add-on for the CFD solver ANSYS Fluent.

Standard applications of mesh morphing will be first explained; the tool is here used as an effective way to makes the original CFD model parametric with respect to the shape.

Details on how such parametric models can be introduced in typical industrial workflow (shape or set-up optimization) will be given including CAD connection (STL targets and back to CAD) and flow sculpting (using adjoint solver of Fluent).

Advanced applications will be covered as well including: fluid structure interaction using 2-ways FSI and modal superposition, ice/snow accretion modeling, transient morphing with desired time histories.

Practical sessions will follow.

The first one will cover basic exercises to set-up shape modifications on simple geometries (a cube immersed in a wind tunnel and a straight pipe).

A step by step set-up will be demonstrated to gain confidence with the GUI of RBF Morph (set-up stage).

An advanced session addressed to industrial meshes and complex set-up will follow.

Pre computed set-up will be available so that the students can deepen their knowledge about advanced feature of RBF Morph for check trouble shooting the set-up (preview, mesh quality).