RBF Morph will be present at the 2011 Ansys UK Conference on the 9th November at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon – Warwickshire with the poster Sail trim optimisation using mesh morphing by  M.E. Biancolini, I. M. Viola, M. Riotte.


The study is focused on the use of mesh morphing to explore the effect of sails trim in a simplified boat configuration used during wind-tunnel testing.

CFD modeling using ANSYS Fluent has been first validated with respect to experiments.

Then 16 configurations are reproduced using CFD building new meshes and using morphed versions of the baseline one.

The RBF Morph software has been used for mesh morphing achieving excellent agreement between new meshes and morphed meshes.

The continuum nature of morphing approach is then exploited showing how the optimal trim angles for a given flow condition can be easily identified.