MedicalEngineering applications involving biological fluids have highly transversal requirements in terms of domain definition from clinical images, complex flow conditions, fluid rheological properties, structure motion and deformation, visualization and post-processing of the results.

For these reasons, and thanks to the enormous developments of computational sciences, a computer-aided–engineering workflow seems to be a possible elective environment from which to perform hemodynamic studies and medical device design.

Today a large part of the technological requirements needed to tackle these problems in a computational environment are already available in open source and/or commercial software.

Nevertheless, success still strongly depends on technical knowledge and best practices or, in other words, ideas must be translated into stable and usable actions.

Example Applications

  • Bone implants
  • Skeletal morphing
  • Dental implants
  • Hemodynamic studies

 Check out our case studies where some medical examples are listed.