Fortissimo 2 is a successor of Fortissimo project and it continues to address the adoption of next generation ICT advances in the manufacturing domain. At the core of Fortissimo 2 are three tranches of Application Experiments (~35 in total).

A key feature of Fortissimo 2 will be the adaption of the Marketplace to meet the needs of end-users. It will offer a responsive and reliable service to companies which want to access HPC and Big resources and eCNRxpertise.

Together with NTUACNRCINECA and D’Appolonia S.p.A.UTV/RBF is participating in the EU FP7 FORTISSIMO project with  Cross-Solver Cloud-based Tool for Aeronautical FSI Applications;  the proposed application experiment aims at solving a wide range of real world aeronautical aero-elastic optimizations in a reliable and cost-efficient way by means of the RBF4AERO software platform running as a cloud-based tool on the high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure of Fortissimo. Users will be provided with a GUI client that runs on the user’s workstation and connects seamlessly to the HPC system to run simulations and optimizations.