Support, Maintenance and Customizations

support_and_customizationThanks to the reliable and long-standing experience of a consolidated team, RBF Morph offers the most reliable technical expertise of its mesh morphing based solutions so that the delivery of comprehensive support as well as consistent solutions personalized to customers’ specific requirements are guaranteed.

RBF Morph develops and sells several commercial software products running according to RBF mesh morphing approach and, through specialized technical team, it supplies high added value CAE solutions working in close contact with our customers, no matter is you are a small firm, a large enterprise, a research centre or a government authority. We also provide dedicated solutions for customers with special needs and numerical procedures. We have also a wide experience in providing tailored, ad-hoc and client-oriented solutions, which has been proved to increase company productivity several times. Moreover the RBF Morph software have been developed with a flexible code structure that easily allows for including additional customization.

If you require help developing and implementing your own optimization models or simulation process to solve a specific CAE problem then contact us for an evaluation and quote.