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The capabilities of RBF morph are demonstrated in this section by means of video tutorials.

Tutorial 1: a simple wind tunnel.

This first tutorial is very useful to understand the functionality of RBF Morph with a simple and small Fluent model. The geometry investigated is a very simplified external aerodynamic problem: a bluff body (a perfect cube with edges of 1m) is immersed into a virtual wind tunnel (10m long, 5m wide, 3m high) located at 3m from the inlet and at 6m from the outlet.


Tutorial 2: twisting and rotating a stator blade.

The scope of this tutorial is to show the capability of RBF Morph to handle a parametric modellization of a real-life industrial problem. More specifically, the geometry is a turbine blade and it’s rotation and twist are parameterized; the mesh is then morphed successfully for a wide range of the parameters combinations, despite the presence of very close boundaries to be preserved.


Tutorial 3: shape optimisation of a FSAE car airbox

This tutorial shows how RBF Morph can be used for the optimization of an engine component. The airbox of a FSAE is built using flat metallic sheets (a cheap manufacturing solution). However even for a simple design mass flow balancing is a concern; for this reason several shapes have been investigated to find the optimal layout for maximizing mass-flow with uniform charging of the cylinders.


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