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Why Choosing RBF Morph?

Because it has been designed for cutting-edge applications to satisfy the most demanding users and to provide unique functionalities not available on the market. The result is that there is more than one good reason to prefer RBF Morph:

  • it's fast and parallel
  • it allows to manage very large models
  • it's fully integrated in the CFD process
  • it's easy and quick to setup
  • it gives exact control of nodes and features
  • it allows for full parametrization of the mesh
  • it manages any possible mesh element type
  • no particular I/O and disk usage is required in addition to the standard calculation (the mesh is morphed while solving)
  • it allows to submit large DOE studies in a few seconds
  • if zero is assigned to a parameter, it gives is exactly the same solution of the baseline
  • it fully supports the regeneration of the CAD

RBF Morph on the web

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