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Welcome to the World of Fast Morphing!

This site is dedicated to the product RBF Morph, an integrated system for morphing and shape optimization tailored for the CFD solver ANSYS Fluent and now available as an ACT Extension for ANSYS Workbench and a stand alone software.

RBF RBF Morph is a unique mesh morphing technology that combines a very accurate control of the geometrical parameters with an extremely fast mesh deformation, fully integrated in the solving process. RBF Morph is the meeting point between state-of-the-art scientific research and top-level industrial needs.

Most important industrial requirements such as process integration, mesh-independent solution, parallelism, large models and arbitrary mesh element type management, are so fulfilled by RBF Morph. The final goal of RBF Morph is to perform parametric studies of component shapes and positions like multi-configuration studies, sensitivity studies, design developments, DOE (Design Of Experiment) and shape optimization. RBF Morph products line is comprised of the RBF Morph ANSYS Fluent Add On, the RBF Morph Stand Alone and the RBF Morph ACT Extension for ANSYS Workbench. RBF Morph is a technical partner of ANSYS Inc. since 2009.


Latest News


Article: "Structural optimization of an automotive wheel rim through an RBF mesh morphing technique"

The article published in the proceedings of the 31st International CAE Conference, that took place in October 2015 from 19th to 20th in Lazise (Italy), can now be downloaded in the website reserved area or by means of the link.

Such a paper describes the numerical optimization performed through the RBF Morph ACT Extension to re-shape an automotive wheel rim with the aim to reduce its weight preventing at the same time the structural failure of the component.



RBF Morph downloadable in ANSYS Customer Portal

We are pleased to announce that now RBF Morph Fluent Add On 1.6 for 16.2 is also available on the portal of our OEM partner ANSYS.

Are you interested in our groundbreaking technology? Contact us or your local ANSYS reseller.



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